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Then the humanity and the love for the profession transformed to Vita Dent. Thanks to the sincerity and support of the family Vita-Dent has grown into a large dental clinic.
It all started in 1993.
Today you have the Dental Center Pop-Ristovi, a family owned by Dr. Stevo Pop Ristov and Dr. Victoria Pop Ristova, team that has been working together for 26 years.
26 years work experience
Pop-Ristov Dental Center is one of the largest and modern dental polyclinics in the region. Located in Gevgelija, just 1 hour drive from Thessaloniki and Skopje airports.
Biggest dental polyclinics
We are a talented team of leading dental professionals who provide our local and international patients with the highest standards of care, offering a wide range of treatment options. Our services focus on oral surgery with modern implantology, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, fixed and mobile prosthetics, endodontics, periodontology, laser dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric and preventive dentistry.
Talented team of leading dental professionals
Each member of our team has many decades of experience and many years of focused training as well as ongoing personal development in the field of dentistry. Today we, the team of Dr. Stevo Pop Ristov, are proud of him and follow all his unconditional knowledge and education that he transmits to us. Unique and distinctive because we incorporate skills, experience and technology under the same roof.
Our team has many decades of experience

What makes us different from other polyclinics?

- Highly qualified and experienced doctors in each specialty
- Dental Center's RTG cabinet gives you complete evidence of your dental status , with the most sophisticate and modern technology, quickly and efficiently with minimal radiation
- We provide complete patient care with individual attention
- We believe in innovation, research and further progress
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