Lasers are the latest technology in dentistry that are widely used in everyday dental practice because they offer reliable and effective treatment in various dental treatments and speed up the healing process. Applying the laser in our clinic has led to a great number of surgeries being performed with a great precision, significantly reducing pain and healing time.

What is a laser?

The laser is a light that in certain dental interventions can replace a surgical knife, cause sterility and stop bleeding. It is used in all areas as a single or adjunctive treatment procedure.

  • Labial frenulectomy - removal of envelopes that connect the lip to the gingiva.
  • Lingval Frenulectomy - the removal of the tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the lip
  • Gingivectomy - removal of excess gingiva and shaping of the gingiva
  • Desensibilization - decrease the sensitivity of the tooth root
  • Mouth sores, herpes - causes faster healing

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a biostimulatory therapy in which the energy generated by the light beam of different color (infrared or red) causes regenerative processes in the tissue. The energy emitted by the infrared light on the cells induces biostimulatory action, which speeds up the process of regeneration and healing of the tissue, and the energy emitted in the red light reduces the inflammatory process and pain.

Ласерото наоѓа примена во повеќе гранки во стоматологијата.

Laser is widely used in dentistry.

Oral Surgery:

Laser in oral surgery is used in many surgical interventions such as gingivectomy, frenucleectomy, orthodontic corticotomy, vestibuloplasty as a pre-prosthetic therapy. Laser surgery is widely used in oral medicine because surgical interventions are rapid, painless, without stitches and bleeding, and healing is rapid and without scarring.


Laser implantology is used to prepare the site of the implant, for faster wound healing and treatment of periimplantitis.


To be a tooth healed endodontically, it must be performed according to world standards, which is the treatment of the canal with the laser for proper disinfection before canal obturation.


Laser in modern dentistry is widely used in periodontology. It consists of 2 lamps that have different effects on cells. The red lamp is used to process periodontal pockets to remove diseased tissue, remove dental stone that is deeply attached to the roots of the teeth, eliminates bacteria and their pathogenic products that caused the disease. While infrared acts biostimulatively in the tissue and leads to cell regeneration.

Mouth sores and herpes

The laser causes faster healing and reduces pain.


Benefit from laser dentistry

  1. Anesthesia is not required for all laser interventions
  2. No bleeding
  3. No additional infections
  4. No sewing
  5. Minimal damage to surrounding tissue
  6. Faster recovery