Endodontic treatment is performed in cases of nerc inflammation as a result of advanced caries or tooth trauma. This treatment includes elimination of the pulp tissue,cleaning and shaping of the root canals,proper irrigation and opturation with adequate material.

Modern endodontic treatment means using cutting egde technologies and up to date techniques such as rotary NI-TI instruments. With the rotary NI-TI instruments, we provide:

  • Faster, more efficient and more thorough shaping of root canals
  • Solving more complicated cases of curved and narrow root canals
  • Fewer visits (1-3 depending on the severity of the case)
  • Better quality and less mistakes

Modern endodontic treatment allows the patients to keep their natural teeth, and it expands the lifespan of a tooth that was long meant to be extracted.

Modern endodontic treatment aims toward the modification and adjustment of the root canal shape according to the need to correctly debride and fill the root canal. The preparation of root canals using Protaper files gives perfection and accuracy at the same time, respecting the anatomy of the root canal and reducing the potential errors during preparation.

The Protaper system is unique because it uses two different techniques so it prepares the canal in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Advantages of the Protaper system:

  • because of the increased flexibility and unique swaggering movement of the Protaper files, covers more difficult clinical cases, including narrow and severly curved canals
  • reduced shaping time, due to the high cutting efficiency of the files used
  • improved safety, the risk of file breakage is significantly reduced
  • following of the original root canal anatomy is improved
  • allows complete elimination of bacteria from the root canal
  • quality of the root canal filling
  • in most cases the root canal treatment can be finished in only one visit
  • less complications after treatment
  • less post-op pain as a result of completely extruding the debris from the root canal using this technique

In Dental Centar Pop-Ristovi we are offering efficient and fast endodontic treatment of root canals. Here at our clinic we use the latest tehnologies including the dental operating microscope.