Orthodontics is a specialist branch in dentistry that deals with the detection, diagnosis and treatment of irregularities in the position of teeth and jaws in children and adults. The importance of orthodontic therapy is not only in straightening the teeth and getting a beautiful smile, but also in getting the right chewing function, occlusion and interjaw relationship. Orthodontic therapy is very important and is best performed during the period of growth and development of the jaws because we can quickly and easily correct the irregularities.

Very often orthodontic therapy is needed as a preparatory therapy before prosthetic and implant surgery to obtain a beautiful aesthetic and proper function.

Why is orthodontic therapy needed?

Improper occlusion and placement of teeth are prone on caries frequency and gingivitis due to the inability to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Some of the irregularities of the teeth and jaws when it is necessary to carry mobile devices or fixed orthodontic braces.

  • Teeth straightening
  • Overcrowding or hypodontia (lack of teeth)
  • Closure of spaces between the teeth
  • Correction of dislocated or impacted teeth (usually canines)
  • Treatment of improper bite
  • Treatment of irregular jaw relationship (overjet, overbite, underbite)

Orthodontic therapy can be treated with mobile devices or fixed orthodontic braces.

Mobile devices:

  • Functional devices for growth modification
  • Mobile devices for moving teeth
  • Combined functional and active treatment
  • Myobrace

Orthodontic braces:

  • Classic metal braces
  • Porcelain braces
  • Sapphire braces
  • Metal self-leveling braces
  • Self-leveling porcelain braces
  • Damon metal or porcelain braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Invisalign system